THE Bushmaster COURSE (5 days)

Cost: $850 per person. 8 person Max. 4 person minimum to run course. Meals included         Dates: May 19-23 (FULL)                                                                                                     Location: Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, San Diego, California                                            Address: 2300 Camino San Ignacio, Warner Springs, CA 92086. We meet at the guard hut located at the main entrance gate at 9am. We finish around 10 am on day 5. Do you have a problem paying in one transaction? Contact us for assistance.


In our opinion the most comprehensive 5 day survival course in California...3 days of advanced survival and bushcraft training that will prepare you for the last night spent solo in the wild applying the learned skills with just a knife and one bottle of water. Advance your level of self reliance in the wilderness to a higher level by using less gear and more knowledge of the materials nature provides. We combine the most effective survival skills, bushcraft skills, and navigation techniques to guarantee you will walk away with deeper confidence in yourself and connection to the natural world.

The Bushmaster course was life changing!
— Todd Shanklin, San Clemente CA

Survival training in the California shower facilities, no modern toilets, seclusion, and no experience required - just full immersion with nature. 

Not sure what to expect on this course? Watch a short video of us in the field!

Survival Course Details:

The first 2 days of the course will be fully loaded and focused on hands on skills. 3 meals a day will be provided. These 2 nights will be spent in our alpine forest wilderness camp sleeping in either your primitive shelter, tents, or under the California stars... it's your choice how much you want to rough it! All modern camping gear is allowed. Day 3 we take a short 15 minute drive for training in the high desert where we spend the night. Day 4 and 5 we head back into the forest and you ditch all the gear, except for a knife, water bottle and the primitive tools made over the previous 3 days and apply these skills while isolated in the woods. Students will construct camp, make fire and take care of other survival needs on their own without assistance. Students will need to rely on the survival skills learned and their own improvisation for their night - An Instructor will be within a safe distance at all times. Day 5 we break down camp, debrief and start getting depressed about leaving the woods. THIS CURRICULUM IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE DEPENDING ON WEATHER AND RESOURCES

Survival skills Covered:

Please note that the full curriculum is never guaranteed as we are dependent on each participants pace and weather.

Shelter* A-frame, lean-to, rasied bed, and tarp shelters for wet weather conditions.

Fire* Bow drill friction fire method, Hand drill friction fire method, ferrocerium-rod, waterproof matches, tinder making, reflector walls, making char from cloth and plants,. Learn a new fire-making method every day!

Water* sourcing techniques, Native American rock boiling, purification methods.

Hunting and Trapping* Construct primitive hunting tools, small game traps, hunting techniques.

Tools* Axe, machete, folding saw, and knife handling techniques

Bush food* set trap lines for small game, forage for edible plants, make tea with various plants, ash cooking, fire roasting, and dutch oven cooking. Depending on time of year we will be providing a live animal for participants to slaughter, process, and eat.

Wild Plants* Learn to identify various plants and trees for building, food, medicine, rope, friction fire, tinder, and more.

Navigation* Intro to basic map and compass as well as primitive methods using trees, sun, stars, and the moon

Just finished with the 5 day bushmaster course and it was awesome!!! Joel is a great instructor with a wealth of knowledge and I’m so glad I took this course. Beyond covering the full gamut of everything you could possibly need to survive out in the wilderness, he also gets you in a state of mind to reconnect back with nature while learning to be comfortable in a potentially uncomfortable situation. Highly recommend this and I can’t wait to do the 3 day knife course!
— Kyle Jarrett, San Diego CA

What to Bring:

On this course we drive into our bush survival camp for the first 3 days, therefore you have no restrictions on the type of gear you bring. If you own a 4x4 vehicle then you have the option to bring it along and get some dirt time, if not then we will give you a ride! Day 4 and 5 we hike you to your "camp location" with just a knife, water bottle, and friction fire kit.

Visit our Gear page for recommendations

  • Fixed blade knife and folding saw. Machete's, axes, hatchets etc..all welcome!
  • Water bottle (Kleen Canteen is a good option as it is stainless steel and unlined so good for boiling in)
  • Ferrocerium rod for fire making
  • Cup/bowl and spoon
  • Headlamp, gloves, camera, notepad, and pen all optional
  • Clothing: Warm layers, beanie, wool socks, and rain coat
  • Shelter: Please bring either a tarp, waterproof bivy sack, or tent
  • Sleeping: Please bring either a sleeping Bag or wool blanket for warmth. A hammock or foam mat/pad can be brought for comfort if you choose. 
  • spare socks and underwear
  • Day Pack
  • Food - we provide 3 meals a day. Bring snacks for the duration of the course if you choose. 
  • Any other survival/camping items you desire


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