The knife-only walkabout (3 days)

Cost: $400 per person. 6 person Max. 2 person minimum to run course
Dates: April 14-16, October 6-8 (2 spots left), December 1-3
Location: Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, San Diego, California                                         Address: 2300 Camino San Ignacio, Warner Springs, CA 92086. We meet at the guard hut located at the main entrance gate at 9am. We Finish around 12pm on day 3Do you have a transport problem? Contact us about our free shuttle service from San Diego.


This advanced course in San Diego, California defines who we are as a Survival and Bushcraft school...this is real survival training!

This adventure gives you the opportunity to actually apply bushcraft and primitive skills in the wilderness of southern California. We will strip away all the unnecessary items and as a group go on a walkabout with just a knife and water bottle each - no other modern tools!

This survival training will involve hiking into the wilderness and living off the land as a group, tackling each of the priorities required to survive. We will be relying only on our natural surroundings to build shelter, make fire, purify water, set traps for small game and forage for wild edibles. This experience will challenge you as we will be eating very little (as in most real life wilderness survival situations). Do not be deterred - This is nothing that most people cannot handle, not to mention that it has been proven that intermittent fasting is good for our bodies.

You will be living like a bushman for these 3 days and walk away with confidence, primitive skills, and a whole new appreciation for the luxuries in life and yourself!

Sleeping in tents will not be allowed on this course, the only items permitted are listed below. This full immersion wilderness course will boost your confidence and open your eyes to how little we need to function in the bush.

It is recommended to complete the Advanced Fire Course or Wilderness Survival Skills Course (2 Day) prior to the walkabout as both these courses teach you primitive fire-making skills

All students will need to be in good health and aerobically fit to partake in this wilderness survival challenge. Mental fortitude and determination will go a long way with getting the most out of this experience. Food rations might be provided at survival instructors discretion. View our survival course reviews. 

Joel’s knowledge, skills, and humbleness in nature is the perfect combination to teach you how to survive in the wilderness.
— Scotty Bloom, CEO Baja Rally, San Diego CA

What to Bring:

Visit our Gear page for recommendations

  • Fixed blade knife: we recommend a full tang high carbon steel knife with a minimum blade length of 4 inches. Any knife will do the job though.
  • Stainless steel, unlined water bottle (33oz Kleen Canteen is a good option)
  • Warm clothing layers
  • A hat, beanie, and pair of wool socks
  • Wool blanket
  • Day Pack

No other gear, or food allowed!

Cancellation policy:

Payment required in full to secure dates and availability. Refund of fees are available if notified more than 5 days in advance of course start date. There will be a 3% fee withheld from refund to cover payment/transfer costs. If you cancel within 5 days of scheduled date of training no refund will be provided, however we can provide you with a credit applicable for the same course at a different date. Due to minimum class size requirements we might need to cancel a course,  if so we will provide a full refund or offer an alternative course date.


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