African hunter gatherer COURSE (10 days)

Cost: $3627 ($500 deposit). 6 person max. 4 person minimum to run course
Dates: TBA
Location: Lake Eyasi, Tanzania, Africa. The closest international airport is Kilimanjaro (JRO)  


Learn bushcraft skills from the true experts, the people that invented them! This is an opportunity like no other...Live in the bush among the ancient Hadza tribe in the rift valley of East Africa. The Hadza are some of the last true hunter gatherers of our time, still to this day they hunt and forage for 95% of their diet all using ancient skills past down over generations. We have a close relationship with the bushman and will live among them learning their primitive living skills as a tribe. Spots are limited as the group size will have a limit of only 6 people. Please note: This training is the real thing, it takes place in the wild among a variety of dangerous animals such as snakes, scorpions, hyenas and leopards. 

Food will be provided and will consist mainly of rice and wild foods such as honey, plants and meat hunted such as antelope, game birds, baboon, and goat. You will have the option to choose a vegetarian meal if you prefer to opt out. The caloric intake will be similar to a hunter gatherer therefore enough to sustain you but less than what most people are used to eating. Please also understand that hunting animals is never a guarantee and therefore some days we might only be eating vegetarian. The Hadza respect all animals however there is no sugar coating when it comes to dispatching, field dressing, and eating them. Please be prepared for this as it is a matter of survival for them.

This is an extremely rewarding experience with an element of challenge and will be life changing for most. You must be physically fit to partake in this adventure! After booking we will be contacting you for basic screening to make sure you are the right person for this experience.

Read National Geographic's article on the Hadza here


The curriculum is dependent on movement of animals, the amount of rain from the previous monsoon season, and by covering ground hiking in the bush. The full curriculum is NOT a guarantee but it is the game plan for what you can expect to experience:

  • Make a traditional Hadza hunting bow and arrows and hunt alongside the Hadza

  • Make primitive traps

  • Make friction fire with the hand drill method

  • Forage for wild fruits, roots, and honey from wild bee hives

  • Learn about medicinal plants

  • Learn about the construction of the Hadza huts

  • Make rope, tinder, toothbrushes, utensils, and more from natural resources

  • Bow hunting and stalking techniques

  • Animal tracking and identification

  • Water sourcing and purifying

  • process wild game meat, skins, and cooking methods


Day 1: Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) in Tanzania - Transfer to hotel in Arusha. Our Local safari guide Abbas will pick you up and transport you and the rest of the participants to our lodge in Arusha town for the first night.

Day 2: Arusha to Lake Eyasi. After breakfast Abaas will pick you and the rest of the group up for the 4hr journey to the Hadza village in Lake Eyasi. On Arrival you will meet your Bushcraft instructor Joel, Hadza guide and translator Mike, and Hadza Chief Xon Xa and his family. Set up camp and familiarize yourself with the surroundings

Day 3-7: Hunting, bushcraft, and cultural learning. 5 jam packed days (and sometimes nights) of hunting and bushcraft training with Joel and the Hadza Bushmen.  

Day 8: Drive from Lake Eyasi to Karatu lodge. Last hunt in the morning with the Hadza then depart Lake Eyasi in afternoon. Stop in local village for a traditional Swahili lunch, then drive to lodge for a shower, dinner, and comfortable bed for a well earned good night sleep.

Day 9: Game drive into Ngorongoro crater and visit a Maasai warrior village - drive back to Arusha. Early wake up and departure for a 1 day driving safari through world famous Ngorongoro crater conservation area spotting Africa's large game such as Lions, Rhino, elephants, Hyena, buck, zebra, buffalo and much more. Leave for Arusha in the afternoon with a stop over at a traditional Maasai village for a tour to learn the culture and medicinal plant walk. End of the day you will be dropped off at our lodge for the last night

Day 10: Transfer to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) airport. Enjoy breakfast at the lodge and relax by the pool before the transfer to the airport. Our driver will pick you up 3 hrs before your flight departs.

What to bring

You are limited to what you can carry on your back for this adventure however we encourage students to go minimalist like the Hadza by bringing only the essentials. Most Hadza only own 1 set of clothing, a blanket, a knife, and bows and arrows. We provide sleeping mats for comfort and here is what we recommend you bring:

  • One set of clothing including warm layers (Temperatures at night can drop to the low 50's(Fahrenheit) but typically in the 60's

  • wool socks

  • knife

  • Mosquito head net or full bed net, repellent and sun screen

  • Stainless steel water bottle or canteen

  • Hat with full brim

  • Good hiking boots which should be worn in. If you want to wear sandals like the Hadza please make sure your feet are conditioned to them or else we do not recommend it.

  • Sleeping bag or wool blanket

  • Rain coat. We recommend a poncho, they are ideal for outdoors as they that can be used as a shelter too.

  • Feel free to bring any personal sanitation items you desire

  • Head lamp or small flashlight

Requirements for this course

Please read through our requirements carefully before booking this course

  • We require each participant to purchase travel insurance. This can be done online for $30-$100 depending on the company you choose

  • To enter Tanzania you will require proof of yellow fever vaccination which can be obtained from your local doctor. There has been a shortage of these vaccines, please notify us if you have a hard time finding availability for it.

  • Each participant needs to be physically fit: If you cannot hike 15 miles a day with a 20lb pack then this might not be the course for you. Please contact us about your physical ability. We recommend a jogging or hill sprint workout routine prior to doing this course.

  • Each participant will need to fill in a liability waiver prior to departing for Tanzania

  • Each participant needs to be healthy. Prior to booking please enquire with us if you are on heart or diabetic medications, allergic to bee's, or have any other health conditions

  • Participants must be 14 years of age or older to partake


  • Private 4x4 Safari vehicle for all transportation including to/from Kilimanjaro (JRO) airport

  • All entry/village/park fees

  • Professional guides

  • All meals excluding day 1 dinner and day 10 lunch

  • Accommodation

  • drinking water

  • sleeping mats as well as tents upon request


  • Flights to/from Kilimanjaro international airport (JRO). It is highly recommended to book your flight within 60 days prior to course start date, or book a refundable/changeable flight. Please refer to booking terms, conditions and refunds below.

  • Tanzania travel visa which can be purchased for $100 at the airport upon entry for US passport holders

  • Personal sanitary items

  • Gratuities: tipping is voluntary and at your own discretion, however generally much appreciated if you are happy with your service.

Health information

Tanzania does have malaria and therefore it is recommended to speak to your doctor or view the CDC's website (Centre of Disease Control) about prophylactics. The area we are in does not have large amounts of mosquitoes, and therefore pretty low risk, however it is recommended to bring a mosquito net and spray with you. Prevention is better than cure! We are happy to speak to you personally about this topic if you feel the need, you can contact us here

It is important to alert us to any health issues you might have prior to doing this trip such as allergies to bee's, heart issues, diabetes etc...


A $500 deposit is required to secure your spot on the course. The remainder must be paid in full no less than 60 days prior to course start date.

It is highly recommended to book your flight within 60 days prior to course start date, or book a refundable/changeable flight.

If we have not had a minimum of 4 bookings by 60 days prior to course start date, and therefore cannot run the course,  we will notify all persons with reservations and you will have the choice of being provided a full refund or a credit toward the same course at a future date. As soon as we receive the minimum bookings we will contact you with confirmation of the course proceeding

If a student needs to cancel their booking, a full refund (excluding a 3% processing fee) can be requested as long as it is not within 60 days of the course start date.