Advanced fire making skills (1 day)

Cost: $100 per person. 12 person max. 2 person minimum to run course
Dates: May 20, September 16                                                                                                  Location: Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, San Diego, California                                                       Address: 2300 Camino San Ignacio, Warner Springs, CA 92086. We meet at the guard hut located at the main entrance gate at 9am. We finish around 4pm. Do you have a transport problem? Contact us about our free shuttle service from San Diego.


This survival fire making class in California is one of a kind! At our California Survival School you learn how to make your own bow drill friction fire kit, bushcraft style, using only natural plants and wood that you harvest yourself. You will also learn a wide array of other primitive and modern fire making methods using heat, solar, flame and spark. Hypothermia is the number one killer in wilderness survival scenarios, and having the skills to make fire in bad weather is arguably the most important survival skill. All learning is hands on! 

Not sure what to expect on this course? Watch a short video of us in the field!

A hand made cedar wood Bow Drill friction fire kit by a student at Bush Survival Training. 

A hand made cedar wood Bow Drill friction fire kit by a student at Bush Survival Training. 

Survival Course Details:

  • Bow Drill: make your own kit from scratch
  • Tinder: how to find and process it in wet or dry weather and how to make it with modern materials
  • Stormproof matches
  • Ferrocerium rods
  • Magnesium fire starters
  • Flint & steel method using a high carbon steel knife
  • Make char from natural wood and cloth 
  • Solar ignition

What to Bring:

  • High carbon steel knife or pocket knife with saw blade option. (we recommend the Swiss Army multi-tool knife with the saw feature, or another similar brand.)
  • Drinking water for the day
  • Packed lunch
  • Hat

Cancellation policy:

Payment required in full to secure dates and availability. Refund of fees are available if notified more than 5 days in advance of course start date. There will be a 3% fee withheld from refund to cover payment/transfer costs. If you cancel within 5 days of scheduled date of training no refund will be provided, however we can provide you with a credit applicable for the same course at a different date. Due to minimum class size requirements we might need to cancel a course,  if so we will provide a full refund or offer an alternative course date.

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