Jungle survival training in Nicaragua

Our jungle survival school is run in the Rio Indio Maiz forest in the South Western part of Nicaragua hosting the largest rain forest north of the Amazon. The Rio Indio Maiz World Heritage Park is 1,600 square miles and untouched by man. This pristine jungle is home to various indigenous tribes such as the Rama people who have been surviving for decades and are still barely in touch with outsiders. 

This rainforest due to its pristine condition is home to some of the most amazing creatures on the planet of which you will be sharing this spectacular jungle with such likes as crocodiles, jaguars, tapirs, poison dart frogs, monkeys, wild pigs and much more.

Our jungle survival course in Nicaragua is based off the river. You will spend your time camping near a water source and learning survival skills alongside a Rama elder to gain as much knowledge as you are willing to take in.

This location is truly one of a kind for jungle survival training - reserve your jungle adventure! 

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