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survival hunting and trapping (1 day)

$110 per person  
Dates: coming soon
Location: Southern California (San Diego, Orange County & Los Angeles)

Hunting and trapping animals for food is the most challenging of all survival skills, especially when you are only using natural materials at hand. However the devil is in the details as they say. There are many challenges involved in outsmarting small game as they spend most of there lives avoiding predators. 

In this survival course you will learn the most important skills required to hunting and making traps in the wilderness of Los Coyotes Indian Reservation - located in the greater area of San Diego, California.   

Survival Course Details:

  • Piute Deadfall
  • Non-Baited and Baited Spring Snares
  • The Gig Spear
  • The Rabbit Stick/Throwing Stick
  • Animal Tracking, Trap Placement and Local Game Knowledge
  • How to Handle and Cook Game in the Field

What to Bring:

  • Knife with saw blade option. (We recommend the Swiss Army multi-tool knife with the saw feature, or another similar brand.)
  • Drinking water for the day
  • Packed lunch
  • Camera, Notepad, and Pen

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