essential survival skills (1 day)   

$80 per person  
Dates: October 1, May 20 (2017)
Location: San Diego, Southern California

This one day wilderness survival course in San Diego, California covers fundamental survival skills required to keep yourself alive in a short term survival scenario. Most importantly it teaches you how to construct a basic survival kit and how to use each item. Whether you're a day hiker or wilderness expert, these skills will help you to make smart decisions that will keep you safe and alive until rescue support arrives.

Survival Course Details:

  • Effective Planning and How to Avoid a Survival Situation
  • The Psychological and Physiological Effects of Being in a Survival Situation
  • Dehydration and Hypo/Hyperthermia
  • Basic Navigation Techniques
  • Survival Kit
  • Discuss and Demonstrate Techniques for Building an Effective Shelter
  • Water Sourcing and Purification Methods
  • Fire-Various Methods of Making Fire with Spark, Flame, and Heat in Any Weather Conditions. 
  • Emergency Signaling
  • Key Wilderness First Aid Techniques
  • How to Respond to Wild Animal Encounters

What to Bring:

  • Knife with saw blade option. (We recommend the Swiss Army multi-tool knife with the saw feature, or another similar brand.)
  • Drinking water for the day
  • Packed lunch
  • Camera, Notepad, and Pen
  • Hat

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