Private Survival training for groups, families & individuals (1-7 days)

If you would like a price quote on a large group please contact us

We can arrange private courses for large groups such as school children, boy scouts, families, or even corporate team building. Not a fan of groups??? No problem we also provide one on one survival training for individuals at an affordable rate.

One on one survival training with us is a great way to fast track your learning experience. We will customize the experience to meet your goals as a family, individual or a large group. We can arrange private Training anywhere in the USA as well as internationally in Africa, central America and Australia in a variety of terrains including jungle, desert, temperate forest, mountains, tropical beaches and the African Savannah. Our private one on one rates are fair and we can guarantee you will get the most bang for your buck. contact us for more info about our family discounts or click here for pricing. 

Private group courses are a great way to customize your group experience. Here are some of the perks to booking a private group course: 

  • You decide the curriculum around certain goals or survival skills you want to achieve.
  • You set the pace and intensity.
  • Learn much more in a shorter time frame than our scheduled survival classes.  
  • We can travel to you out of state, internationally or choose from one of our recommended wilderness locations in California, Oregon, Costa Rica, or Africa
  • Learn primitive survival skills from bushmaster guides in California or from indigenous African tribes such as the Hadza, Datoga, or Maasai.
  • You choose how much you want to "rough it" - it can be a camping trip or a minimalist wilderness expedition.  
  • We are willing to tailor everything around your survival goals.

Contact Us to sign up for customized survival training or to hear more about what we can offer you!

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