Private Survival training for groups or individuals (1-7 days)

If you would like a price quote on a large group please contact us

We can arrange private courses for large groups such as school children, boy scouts, families, or even corporate team building. Not a fan of groups??? No problem we also provide one on one survival training for individuals. Here are some of the survival course options available in California (near San Diego & Los Angeles) and Africa: 

  • You decide the curriculum around certain goals or survival skills you want to achieve.
  • You set the pace and intensity.
  • Learn much more in a shorter time frame than our scheduled survival classes.  
  • We can travel to you out of state, internationally or choose from one of our recommended wilderness locations.
  • Learn primitive survival skills from bushmaster guides in California or from indigenous African tribes such as the Hadza, Datoga, or Maasai.
  • You choose how much you want to "rough it" - it can be a camping trip or a minimalist wilderness expedition.  
  • We are willing to tailor everything around your survival goals.

Contact Us to sign up for customized survival training or to hear more about what we can offer you!

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