A real life survival situation requires strong will, hard work, and yes...TEAMWORK! Most importantly, our wilderness team building course helps people connect to themselves, each other, and nature. 

Whether it's a group of friends, family, corporate business organization, nonprofit, or athletic team - our outdoor survival classes will be an extremely rewarding team building experience offered in San Diego, California and Africa. Here are some of the course features and benefits:

  • Use teamwork to make primitive shelters.
  • Making friction fire with 2 sticks takes perseverance, patience, and problem solving.
  • Learn and practice lots of hands on skills relying on your partner(s). 
  • No modern or electronic distractions enhances your communication skills.
  • Bonding over evening campfires. 
  • Being outdoors and immersed in nature, while facing mildly challenging situations together is the perfect way to strengthen the bond between people.

Overall, the team building experience in the outdoors will carry outside the wilderness to increase productivity, build trust and improve communication.  

Contact Us for Team Building pricing, availability and locations in southern California (San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles) and Africa.