Wilderness vision quest (2 DAYS)

Cost: $275 per person. 5 person Max. 
Dates: May 12-13
Location: Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, San Diego, California                                      Address: 2300 Camino San Ignacio, Warner Springs, CA 92086. We meet at the guard hut located at the main entrance gate at 9 am. We Finish around 9 am on day 3


A vision quest is an ancient spiritual experience used to connect deeply to yourself and the natural world. Here at Bush Mechanics Survival Training we believe that connecting to nature is vital for the health of every human being. A vision quest undertaken solo while fasting for 2 days in the wilderness is the perfect way to reconnect to yourself and the natural world.

You will start with a short lesson learning how to make primitive fire the same way our ancestors did. Then you will be hiked a short distance into your "sit spot" where you will be confined and remain solo for 2 days and 1 night. You will be provided with fire wood, drinking water, and you will make your own fire from scratch. The fire, wildlife and the nature surrounding you will be your companions for the duration of your quest. You will be left alone to meditate and reflect on life. No food will be provided as fasting is an important part of this experience, and the quest should be completed in silence with no speaking or verbalizing. 

Why take part in a vision quest? Most people have never spent time alone with just themselves and their minds. This can be a profound challenge for many however there is deep learning and connection with yourself. Any real-life survival situation involves substantial psychological stress. Being able to control your mind and stay level headed is undoubtedly the best skill to have. A vision quest will teach you about your mind and expose you to your mental strength. This experience is will benefit most as it requires meditation which has a variety of proven health benefits.

Please note that an instructor will check on you periodically but you will be completely alone and isolated for this experience.

What to bring:

Warm blankets or sleeping bags, warm clothes, raincoat, a water bottle, and a knife. You will be refined to a small circle where you will stay for the entirety of the 2 days. It is important to be grounded therefore shoes, any type of cover from the elements, and sleeping mats/pads are not allowed.