wilderness survival skills (2 Days)

Cost: $275 per person. 8 person max.
Dates: March 24-25, April 14-15 (5 spots left), May 12-13
Location: Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, San Diego, California                                         Address: 2300 Camino San Ignacio, Warner Springs, CA 92086. We meet at the guard hut located at the main entrance gate at 9am. We finish around 4pm (on day 2).  


This California wilderness survival course has a "no nonsense" style curriculum, designed more for beginners teaching the most effective life-saving skills required to survive in the wilderness or as we call it the "bush". You will learn how to take care of your  survival essentials: shelter, fire, water, food, signalling, basic First-Aid and bushcraft techniques. The course location is at 5,000 feet of elevation in temperate forest and meadows therefore cooler temperatures all year! For those who want 3 meals a day and the comfort of modern camping gear, then this is the survival course for you. This wilderness course keeps a moderate training pace focusing heavily on the short term survival and bushcraft skills and not on covering ground, therefore hiking is kept to a minimum. No previous outdoor experience required, families with kids welcome!

Regardless of your experience level, you will walk away prepared with the knowledge and skill set to handle yourself confidently in a survival situation and be more self sufficient in the woods or wilderness.

Not sure what to expect on this course? Watch a short video of us in the field!

I spent 2 years living in the Sahara as a peace corps volunteer and I am currently an ICU nurse. I wanted to take a survival course that could teach me more than I already know. Joel went above my expectations. I learned so much. He explains the why of everything he teaches with a great knowledge of physiology and environment. I highly recommend his course!
— kelly Masula, research co-ordinator at San Diego Cardiac Centre

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Survival Course Details:

  • The Psychological and Physiological Effects of Being in a Survival Situation
  • Emergency shelter building
  • Water Sourcing and Purification
  • Fire - learn the bow drill friction fire method. Ferro cerium and magnesium fire starters. Find and process plant based tinder's. homemade tinder's. Make natural char for spark ignition. Fire building technique
  • knife skills and safety
  • Introduction to local Edible, Useful, and Medicinal Plants
  • Basic knots
  • Food: foraging and basic improvised hunting tools
  • Emergency Signaling

What to Bring:

On this course we drive into our bush survival camp, therefore you have no restrictions on the type of gear you bring however I would advise packing no more than what you can carry. If you own a 4x4 vehicle then you have the option to bring it along and get some dirt time, if not then we will give you a ride! read or Q&A page for more info

Visit our Gear page for recommendations

  • Fixed blade high carbon steel knife
  • folding saw or a Swiss army multi-tool knife with the saw feature is optional but very useful
  • Water bottle
  • cup/bowl and spoon
  • Headlamp and gloves
  • Clothing: Warm layers, beanie, wool socks, and rain coat
  • Shelter: Please bring either a tarp, waterproof bivy sack, or tent
  • Sleeping: Please bring either a sleeping Bag or wool blanket for warmth. A hammock or foam mat/pad can be brought for comfort if you choose. 
  • Food - MRE / dehydrated food packs / bars are good choices for your dinner and second day lunch meals...bring a packed lunch for the first day. We provide coffee, breakfast, and drinking water
  • Day Pack
  • Any other survival/camping gear you desire

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