Welcome to Bush Survival Training! We are a survival and bushcraft school operating out of San Diego, California and Sisters, Central Oregon. We are renowned for our high level field training on Southern California's largest Indian reservation. Our philosophy is to teach wilderness self reliance through primitive skills relying on natures resources and less on man made gear. We have taught folks from all walks of life including military, fire-fighters, boy scouts, schools, celebrities, physically disabled and contestants of survival shows like "Survivor", Discovery's "Desafio x2" and "Naked and afraid". Our instructors have worked with TV shows by Lifetime, History and Discovery channels. Click here to view courses

What sets us apart?

*Learn in the wild! No urban recreational parks, facilities, or cell network

*Hands on field training, no classroom style lectures

*100% customer satisfaction (click here to read our 5 star reviews) 

“Joel’s method of instruction is clear and concise. You get the most amount of knowledge in the least amount of words. I highly value that as a United States Marine and an instructor myself”
— Brian Wood, US Marine Corps