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Welcome to Bush Mechanics Survival Training

Small Groups - Quality Training - Affordable Prices - Remote Locations - Adventure!

Our California Survival School based in northeast San Diego County, provides survival and bushcraft skills training on 25,000 acres of private wilderness in Southern California. Our international training takes place in Africa guided by experienced survival instructors. Our philosophy is to teach you to function with less, and thrive with more. We have taught folks from all walks of life including teenagers, military, fire-fighters, scout leaders, celebrities, physically disabled and contestants of survival shows like "Survivor", Discovery's "Desafio x2", and "Naked and afraid". Our instructors have provided consultation for TV production companies and worked with History and Discovery channel. Proudly we are the only wilderness survival school in California to offer survival courses on Native American land with year round cooler temperatures, wildlife, seclusion and a diverse landscape. Internationally we run primitive survival, anti-poaching and bushcraft courses in South Africa and Tanzania, East Africa. We only train in small groups to ensure plenty of one on one time which can not be achieved in large groups. Our locations are remote and wild to promote a sense of the real thing through full immersion (click here to watch participants in action). No urban recreational parks, WiFi, or cell network - just good people, campfires and nature. Join Bush Mechanics Survival Training if your looking for real-life wilderness skills to learn the basics of camping to advanced survival skills. With us it will always be a wilderness adventure! 

What can our Survival School offer you?

First off, all our wilderness survival classes are beginner friendly! We have a variety of survival courses in San Diego, California and Africa depending on your goals. Our 2-Day Wilderness Survival Skills course teaches a broad spectrum of real-life survival and bushcraft techniques that focus on achieving shelter, water, fire, food, signaling, and first-aid for most environments. The 2-Day Primitive skills course is the next level up from the wilderness survival course and teaches you indigenous skills and primitive tool making in our spectacular high desert location includes endemic wildlife, an oasis and isolation. Most our survival courses allow modern camping gear, food and water. You will learn loads of survival and bushcraft skills without experiencing any of the discomforts of being in a survival scenario. Our 3-Day Knife-only Walkabout Course and 5-Day Bushmaster Course are field classes and are challenging by design. The Walkabout Course only allows a knife, water bottle, and blanket therefore relying on the land for food, water and resources. The Bushmaster Course teaches you a huge spectrum of skills in preparation for a challenging walkabout. Discomfort, hunger and cold will be felt on this course however "eye opening", "life changing", and "empowering" are some of the words we have heard from participants on completion of the walkabout. Our African Bushcraft Courses are a lot of fun and take place in real wilderness alongside Africa's wild animals! We take minimal gear and food and then get everything else we need from these abundant lands. Indigenous locals will be teaching you survival skills that they still rely on to this day. Our most exciting global course is the 10 Day Anti-Poaching & Bushcraft Course in South Africa which puts you in a remote bush camp where you will learn all about Africa's big game. We also offer private & family training options as well as corporate team building. Read our reviews, browse our course selections or contact our staff in San Diego for more information - time to start planning your wilderness adventure today! 

“Joel’s method of instruction is clear and concise. You get the most amount of knowledge in the least amount of words. I highly value that as a United States Marine and an instructor myself”
— Brian Wood, US Marine Corps

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