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Survival training is not limited to expert wilderness campers - great reviews below show the wide breath of people ranging from Marines, athletic coaches and television stars praising the excellent survival courses by the instructors at Bush Survival Training!

Bush Survival Training testimonials come from all types of survival courses - wilderness survival and bushcraft skills at our California Survival School and Africa Bushcraft School!

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Joel’s method of instruction is clear and concise. You get the most amount of knowledge in the least amount of words. I highly value that as a United States Marine and an instructor myself.
— Brian Wood, US Marine, San Diego
I have been to many survival schools, as I was training for a Survival program on Colombian TV, but this training with Joel was the best so far!
— Daniel Tirado, "Dual survivor" South America and "The island" TV show star. Colombia
I met Joel through my moms research. I needed someone with great experience and knowledge to prepare me for the show “Survivor”. In Joel’s course I found not only the best help i can get but a great friend. I took his Bushman walkabout course, which really opened my eyes. We then drove down to Mexico and camped out near the Pacific ocean. He taught me how to catch fish and make a meal with minimal supplies. Long story short, Joel is the man and his training is the bomb. Thanks for everything
— Eser West, "Survivor" show participant. Istanbul, Turkey
Joel is the man! He is Professional and well educated in his field. As an instructor myself I know as well as anyone that the devil is in the details and Joel is consistent about providing them which makes the difference! No “fluff or flashy” survival tricks or useless usage of time. I did the 2 Day Extensive Skills Course and though I’m no stranger to the wilderness I learned so much that I’m already looking for the next opening in my schedule to do MORE! If you are interested in learning how to survive as well as thrive in any situation, I’m 100% confident that Bush Mechanics Survival Training with Joel will be a game changer!
— Vince S, The Arena MMA coach, San Diego, CA
We left feeling confident about what we learned and thirsty for more advanced Bush Mechanics Survival Training. Joel is a real gem and a great instructor! His experience and expertise are obvious, but he lacks arrogance or pretense. He truly just wants to help you learn to be safe and equip you with the skills needed to survive when you find yourself in a pinch
— Jay Finnecy, San Diego
So happy I did this!!!
I came into the ‘Two Day Wilderness Survival Skills Course’ as a novice but I left confident in the skills that I was taught. Joel is a knowledgeable and patient instructor that gives each student comprehensive training at their level. Joel is encouraging and enthusiastic in his training and I was given a solid foundation of survival skills that will translate into any terrain I may encounter. I’m excited to growing upon the skills that I learned this weekend as I continue to explore and experience nature and the wild. This was my first Bush Mechanics course and I know it won’t be my last. Thank you Joel for an epic weekend!
— Randi Ross, Florida
Joel is extremely knowledgeable of survival and bushcraft skills, particularly with his African experience. He is also a very nice person and a pleasure to learn from
— Greg Raines, San Diego
THIS is a Survival course! If you are looking for a course to give you the knowledge and hands on experience needed to be comfortable in the wilderness then look no further, you have found it! I completed the 2 day Extensive Survival Skills Course and it most certainly exceeded my expectations. The hands on experience gained from this class has given me more confidence and a real sense of being capable in a Survival Situation. Joel is a very professional and knowledgeable course leader. He does a great job breaking down the priorities of survival, and takes great care to see that you understand them. Coming from an avid outdoorsman, I highly recommend taking this course. If you hike, bike, hunt, surf, sail, skydive etc...you need to take this course! Get your Survival on, you’ll be glad you did.
— Morgan P, San Diego, CA
Thank you Joel for an amazing experience with the advanced fire course. I walked into the course with very little knowledge of fire building mechanics, and was able to pick it up very quickly, thanks to your patience & guidance. I thoroughly enjoyed the location of the course, along with the hiking and back country involved. I would recommend this course to anyone (of all ages!) with a passion for the outdoors and whiling to learn new and old survival techniques. The bow drill way of starting a fire is something that takes much patience and skill. Thank you for making it possible for me to master this skill on my first try! Looking forward to your next class. Thanks again Joel!
— Michele Bradley, San Diego